Catastrophe Risk Solutions

CATRisk® is dedicated to integrate multidisciplinary researches into design and development of catastrophe hazard and risk modelling applications and provide state-of-the-art catastrophe hazard and risk modelling services. We provide full probabilistic as well as scenario-based loss estimation and our solutions could help companies to better assess, understand, and manage their catastrophe risks.

CAT Risk Model

For companies with repeated needs of cat risk modelling for a given peril and territory, CATRisk® provides its services implemented in user-friendly Catrisk Models. Such platforms provide functionality and tools required for flexible exposure data import, data visualization, insurance loss calculation, loss results output and further financial analyses to estimates gross, ceded and net losses on detailed and aggregated levels. Given the nature of such services, it would require long-term cooperation and agreement in order to provide further technical support and updates on the model and its functionality.

CAT Risk Components

Companies with advance cat risk knowledge and technology could also benefit from our catastrophe loss estimation solutions through deployment of Cat risk components. We could provide industry loss file, stochastic eventset and probabilistic hazard footprint which could be further integrated with our clients’ in-house loss estimation and financial analysis tools in order to make to most out of out-sourced and in-house capabilities towards cat risk assessment.

CAT Risk Portfolio Analysis

We could use our state-of-the-art cat risk models to analyse client-specific portfolio of risks. The delivery to our clients will be a report containing tables of mean annual losses as well as probabilistic losses (by return period or probability of exceedance). Also maps showing geographical distribution of portfolios and their probabilistic losses will be presented. The cat risk model, the regional and scientific characteristics of the natural hazard, the analysis methodology and the data and assumptions used for such analyses will be described in general terms. If required, a technical presentation also would be provided at our client's office in order to explain the report in more details and provide the opportunity for further discussions and questions on the report.

Customized GIS Tools and Geospatial Data Services

CATRisk® also provides customized solutions and software tools to meet specific business objectives. We have been involved in many web-based and desktop GIS-based integrated solutions as well as preparation and conversion of various spatial data for use with cat risk models.