Helping you manage your cat risk

We provide portfolio risk analyses on client-specific exposure using our Cat Risk Models. We also provide a wide range of services to enahnce client's expsoure data such as data cleaning, data reformatiing, risk georefrencing, risk vulnerability assessment and site visits.

Portfolio Analysis

We could use our state-of-the-art cat risk models to analyse client-specific portfolio of risks. The delivery to our clients will be a report containing tables of mean annual losses as well as probabilistic losses (by return period or probability of exceedance). Also maps showing geographical distribution of portfolios and their probabilistic losses will be presented. The cat risk model, the regional and scientific characteristics of the natural hazard, the analysis methodology and the data and assumptions used for such analyses will be described in general terms. If required, a technical presentation could be also provided at client's office in order to explain the report in more details and provide the opportunity for further discussions and questions.

Site-Specific Risk Analysis

For single risk with large accumulation of insured values, CATRisk's engineers and scientists are prepared to undertake detailed investigation toward exploring various sources of direct and indirect sources of manmade and natural hazards. The study also could extend in field survey towards reliable assessment of vulnerability of building and facilities. Our risk analyses for such facilities include assessment of probable maximum losses (PML) and annual mean loss (AML).