Cat Risk Portfolio Analysis

CATRisk® offers technology and services for catastrophe risk management and is fully committed to deliver tools and services with best-in class scientific quality, transparency, flexibility and responsive client support. Many insurance and almost all reinsurance companies rely on catastrophe models to assess and manage catastrophe risk. However, due to limited resources available to some companies, direct access to such models may not be feasible for all companies particularly many primary insurance companies. CATRisk provides consulting services in the form of portfolio analyses, using its state-of-the –art Cat Risk tools. Our analyses are made using our well-tested software.
These services include:

Insurance Portfolio Analysis

We provide portfolio risk analysis on client-specific exposure using our Cat Risk Models. For non-modelled perils and territories, our scientific and engineering team is always on side by side of the scientific literature, providing first hand and original researches.

Site-Specific Risk Analysis

For single risk with large accumulation of insured values, CATRisk's engineers and scientists are prepared to undertake detailed investigation toward exploring various sources of direct and indirect sources of manmade and natural hazards. The study also could extend in field survey towards reliable assessment of vulnerability of building and facilities. Our risk analyses for such facilities include assessment of probable maximum losses (PML) and annual mean loss (AML).