Catastrophe Risk Management Training

Being involved in the development and application of cat risk models for insurance portfolio management for so many years, we gathered quite in depth knowledge on different aspect of development as well as application of these tools in the insurance industry. We are happy to share our experience with those using these models for their portfolio management and are actively involved in publications and training. Our training course are conducted at times and locations of your choice and can be tailored to your specific needs. These courses could address the following concerns among many other topics:

• Why should we use cat risk models for our portfolio management?
• How uncertainties are modelled in Cat Risk Tools?
• Different approach to validate cat risk models?
• How cat risk model could be misused?
• Sensitivity of cat risk models to data input and assumptions?
• Who should use cat risk model and on what capacity?
• What expertise are required to use and make judgement on the use of cat risk model?
• The current boundaries with science used in the cat risk models?
• Cat risk modelling in area with rare historical data?
• Use of Cat risk models with aggregated exposure data?