CATRisk® is a small company in size but we have established our value as a scientific and engineering expert in the field of natural hazard and risk modelling in both cat risk modelling and engineering consulting. We have a long history of providing natural hazard and risk assessment tools and consulting services and our researches form the bases for catastrophe risk model for more than 55 countries on every continent across the globe.

Analytical Platforms

We offer our catrisk models on our standard analytical platform CATRISK Pro as well as Oasis Loss Modeling platform. We could also deliver our models on other modelling firms' platforms.

Model Coverage

Our regional catastrophe loss models cover more than 30 countries in Middle East, Africa and Asia and we are dedicated to increase our coverage to more than 60 countries in 2019.

Portfolio Analyses

Our cat risk modeling services are also available through CATRisk portfolio analyses using our models, providing loss report and further technical support on clients’ portfolio.

Exposure Data

CATRisk has developed many tools and databases for verification and enhancement of raw exposure data. We also provide industry exposure data for our regional loss models.